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【120min All you can drink】 3 kinds of appetizers, salad, choice of pasta, fish dishes. Special 6 roast beef luxurious plan

【120min All you can drink】 3 kinds of appetizers, salad, choice of pasta, fish dishes. Special 6 roast beef luxurious plan

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Three coloring appetizers, Bagna cauda of carefully selected vegetables, pasta that can be chosen from two kinds, main dish is 120 minutes for a fresh dish of today's fish dishes, special roast beef, all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat, authentic dessert Premium plan with all you can drink.For those who use at the party, you can arrange message plates and flowers!


~ Appetizer ~

· Assorted three appetizers sprinkled with seasonal vegetables

~ Salad ~

· Bagna cauda of carefully selected vegetables

... We recommend you not to use garlic, but a special sauce made with puffed vegetables

~ Pasta ~ (Please choose from 2 species)

· Spaghetti Cave from Mie Prefecture Oil source of mushrooms

... A fragrance and a good texture Simple is best dish sumdered with several kinds of mushrooms


· Fresh tomato sauce with spaghetti autumn sweetfish and autumn eggplant

... We combined fried eggplant and refreshing sour sauce sauce to fragrant baked autumn sword

~ Fish dishes ~

... One item to finish fresh fish in today's style

~ Meat dish ~

· Special sauce roast bee with Porcini mushro sauce and Parmigiano cheese

... Burn beef loin meat at low temperature to finish in a soft and juicy roast beef and serve with a fragrant Porcini mushrooms sauce and freshly scalloped cheese.

~ Dolce ~

- Today's Dolce

According to your request,

We also offer benefits such as message plate and arrange flowers


Guide to your seat


<12 guests> table sofa seat

<12 guests> Table seat

<4 people> table seat

<Maximum 30 people> Table seat

All-you-can-drink menu

·sparkling wine
·sparkling wine
· Heartland beer
· Sommelier selected wines
· Sommelier selected Italian wine (white · red)
· 12 cocktails
· ◇ gin tonic ◇ cassis orange ◇ cassis soda ◇ vodka tonic ◇ moscommeure ◇ pink bulldog ◇ campari orange ◇ campari soda ◇ fuzzy group ◇ ditatonic ◇ dita orange ◇ spumoni ※ other than menu is also available
· 12 non-alcoholic cocktails
· ◇ Non Alcohol Mojito ◇ Kitty ◇ Sicilian Mimosa ◇ Saratoga Cooler ◇ Orange & Peach ◇ Peach Tea ◇ Peach Tonic ◇ Cassistie ◇ Passion Fruit Soda ◇ Cassis Orange ◇ Cassis Soda ◇ Cassis Pink Grapefruit
·Soft drink
· ◇ orange juice ◇ oolong tea ◇ pink grapefruit juice
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