【Xmas2017】 12/23 ~ 25 Limited! Caviar, Thalaba Crab, Abalone, Unicorn, Omar, Truffle, Kuroge Wagyu Beef etc all 6 dishes
【Xmas2017】 12/23 ~ 25 Limited! Caviar, Thalaba Crab, Abalone, Unicorn, Omar, Truffle, Kuroge Wagyu Beef etc all 6 dishes
12000 yen

I will give you a special course suitable for Xmas from Ortaggio to Xmas who will stay with important people."2017 Xmas tailor made luxury food ingredients such as caviar, abalone, okami noodle shrimp, omal shrimp, black beef, seasonal Italian black truffle, crab crab, and seasonal delicious vegetables into a tasty Italian."


◆ Term of offer


◆ Hours of use of the seat

【1 part】 17: 00 ~ 18: 45/17: 30 ~ 19: 15

【2 copies】 19: 00 ~ 20: 45/19: 30 ~ 21: 15

【3 copies】 21: 00 ~ 22: 45

□ ■ □ 2017 Xmas Special Course ■ □ ■

【Soup at the beginning of meal】

~ Potage of Wheat Broiled Tharaba Crab and Caviar ~

Special sweetness of seasonal turnip, flavorful crab crab taste, caviar salty taste, special meal starts.

[Cold appetizer]

~ Marinade of turkey and beets Noriwa's Insalata ~

Softly steamed turkey and bright red beets, seasonal vegetables were made into a brilliant appetizer.


~ Tacky pasta "Fettuccine" Bisque sauce of omal shrimp and porcini mushrooms ~

Pasta boasts a handmade pasta using carefully selected flat eggs, together with flavor of omal shrimp and flavored porcini.

【Fish dishes】

~ Today's fresh fish abalone and Hokkaido sea urchin sauce ~

Plum the fish plump and luxuriously eat it with rugged abalone and rich sea urchin sauce.


~ Kuroge Wagyu Beef Grill Steak Truffle fragrance ~

We grind finely selected red beef's delicious Japanese beef fragrantly, scrape black truffle.


~ Chocolate Tortino with red fruit Agro dolce ~

We combined rich chocolate and fruits and made it a special dessert of Xmas.【Cafe after meal】

You can choose your favorite cafe.

Coffee, tea, herbal tea

※ Bread fee \ 500 has been received.

※ The contents may be changed depending on the arrival state of ingredients.

※ The seat will be 1 hour 45 minutes from reservation time.

In case of late arrival, the closing time of the day will not change.

※ We can not do the seat selection.

※ Cakes, bouquets, presents We do not accept deposits.

※ We will contact you in advance to confirm the reservation, we will confirm your reservation.When connection is not connected, there is a case where I am allowed to consider it as cancellation.

※ menu is subject to change by the purchase situation and the like.Please note.