【Lunch Memorial Day】 Pre-age drink & message plate prefix course 3500 yen
【Lunch Memorial Day】 Pre-age drink & message plate prefix course 3500 yen
3500 yen

tax included

Recommended for anniversaries and birthdays at lunch ☆ In addition to dessert accompanied with aperitif (a non-alcoholic) and a message, a popular appetizer assortment and Bagna cauda + pasta + main dish + cafe can be selected according to your preference Course! This time Bagna cauda will be served with special vegetables on a special sauce based on garlic substitute cauliflower.



· Non-alcoholic possible

【Appetizer and Bagna cauda salad】

· Assorted appetizers of the day that enjoys Shunbun

· Bagna cauda of seasonal vegetables and cauliflower


Please choose your favorite pasta from the following

· Spaghetti scallop and white wine sauce of Norongrass

· Spaghetti Hollow Hollow Bird and Black Cabbage Rugu Sauce

· Penne cod and shrimp sweet cream sauce with scent of source time

- Today's pasta

· Together with Rugoo and Porcini mushrooms of Pappardelle Cow Beef Chestnut Powder (+ 800 yen including tax)

· Spaghetti Mirie Prefecture flat herder carefully selected eggs and truffle carbonara (+ 1,000 yen including tax)


Please choose your favorite main below

· Today's sauteed saute dipper sauce and ginseng ginseng sauce accompanied

· Braised tea with pig and quail beans balsamic and baked apple accents

· Roasted beef and soy milk with Torota ego mustard sauce (+ 300 yen including tax)

· Kuroge Wagyu Beef thigh meal Tariata Shuna prear (+ 1000 yen including tax)


· Dessert with message

【Cafe after meal】

· You can choose your favorite cafe.

... Espresso · Coffee · Cappuccino · Ice Coffee ·

Tea, iced tea, fresh herbal tea