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【Lunch Memorial Day】 Pre-aperial drink & message plate prefix course 3800 yen

【Lunch Memorial Day】 Pre-aperial drink & message plate prefix course 3800 yen

By using a coupon3800 yen

tax included

  • 5items
  • 2-10persons

Recommended for anniversaries and birthdays at lunch ☆ In addition to dessert accompanied with aperitif (a non-alcoholic) and a message, a popular appetizer assortment and Bagna cauda + pasta + main dish + cafe can be selected according to your preference Course! This time Bagna cauda will be served with fresh seasonal vegetables on special sauce of god and god of god to match winter.

Course menu


· Non-alcoholic possible

【Appetizer and Bagna cauda salad】

· Assorted appetizer of the day

· Bagna cauda of Shogoin-cho and ginger


Please choose your favorite pasta from the following

· Spaghetti with Cod and Potato Scent of Yuzu

· Spaghetti with turkey simmered sauce with cow dumpling crocante

· Penne Hiroshima prefecture oysters and chicken spinach cream sauce

· Today's pasta

· Homemade hand-made pasta pappa pal delle with flat hen eggs from Mie prefecture

Matsusaka beef stewed red wine stew "Pepohzo" and seasonal vegetables together (+ 800 yen including tax)

· Chef special handmade pasta and black truffle today's style (+ tax included 1,000 yen)


Please choose your favorite main below

· Today's fish dish Cauliflower soup and salad accompanied

· Porcetta of beef sweet beef with dried persimmon and roast of walnut

· Beef cheek meat with red wine stewed celery pliers and guremorata (+ 300 yen including tax)

· Kuroge Wagyu Beef thigh meal Tariata Shuna prear (+ 1,000 yen including tax)


· Dessert Platter Message Plate

【Cafe after meal】

· You can choose your favorite cafe.... Espresso · Coffee · Cappuccino · Ice Coffee ·

Tea · iced tea · herbal tea

※ The contents of the dish may change depending on the purchase situation.

Reservation deadline
Until 9 o'clock on the desired date of coming to the store
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2018/11/29 update