【Lunch】 2 dishes of appetizer, 6 kinds of pasta to choose, 4 kinds of main, prefix lunch with cafe 3800 yen

【Lunch】 2 dishes of appetizer, 6 kinds of pasta to choose, 4 kinds of main, prefix lunch with cafe 3800 yen

By using a coupon3800 yen

2500 yen course with tax / no main is also available

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Lunch course with popular appetizer assortment and Bagna cauda + pasta + main dish + cafe in accordance with your taste! This time Bagna cauda, ​​with fresh vegetables on the special sauce using broccoli instead of garlic, you enjoy I will


【Appetizer and Bagna cauda salad】

- Today's appetizer platter

· Bagna cauda of seasonal vegetables and broccoli


Please choose your favorite pasta from the following

· Spaghetti with pearl shrimp and rape flower with arlio ollio pangsio

· Spaghetti's Light Smokes and New Onion Sauce

· Rigatoni homemade Salsiccia and white bean sauce Tuscan fragrance

- Today's pasta

· Homemade hand-made pasta Pappardellele Ezo deer ragout and wild vegetable sauce (+ 500 yen including tax)

· Spaghetti Unzen carbonara tailoring (+ tax included 800 yen)


Please choose your favorite main below

· Today's fish dishes Steamed Spring cabbage and Semi-dry The flower scent of tomato time

· Satsuma Chati pork shoulder loin grill with green beans stuffed with green mustard

· Roast beef potato and scamorza cheese

Ego mustard sauce with tornino (+ 300 yen including tax)

· Kuroge Wagyu Beef thigh meal Tariata Shuna prear (+ 1000 yen including tax)


· Soi tiramisu using Hojicha and Mie prefecture carefully selected eggs (+ 500 yen including tax)

· Hyuga summer yogurt panna cotta and basilico with gelato (+ 500 yen including tax)

【Cafe after meal】

· You can choose your favorite cafe.... Espresso · Coffee · Cappuccino · Ice Coffee ·

Tea, iced tea, fresh herbal tea

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope on the day until 9:00

Coupon that can be used

  • [To celebrate the anniversary and birth] Message plate gifts

    • Presentation conditions
      Please tell us when making a reservation at the time of reservation.
    • Conditions of use

      ★ Various messages "Thank you" "One year old work" "Nice to meet you again" etc / etc are also possible / Other tickets and services can not be used together / over 2 people / required / can not be used with party benefits

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of April 2018

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