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【Dinner】 6 types of appetizers served, selectable pasta and main dish prefix course 5000 yen

【Dinner】 6 types of appetizers served, selectable pasta and main dish prefix course 5000 yen

By using a coupon5000 Yen

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  • 220persons

Prefix course you can choose your favorite pasta · main dish with plenty of seasonal ingredients


~ The first dish · Assorted assortment · Pasta · Main dish · Dolce · Cafe ~

Please select 【Pasta】 【Main dish】 from the following.

■ Pasta ■

Please choose your favorite pasta from the following

· Spaghetti Suzuki and Manshūji oil paste oil source

Combination of freshly grilled white peppers, freshly grilled white fish and accented with lemon scent

· Spaghetti octopus and aerial grease Puttanesca Bianca

We adapted the season's true octopus to sauce made with anchovies, olives, capers

· Casarette lamb chicken thigh meat with rague sauce coriander and cardamon flavored round zucchini grill

Make a refreshing fragrant spice on the sauce of soft lamb.

■ Today's pasta

The contents will be explained from the staff

· Cold spaghetti with Burrata cheese and white peach, with gelato of basil (+ 800 yen including tax)

Combine creamy Burrata cheese and season's white peach, accompanied by refreshing basil gelato

· Chef special handmade pasta and summer truffle style of the day (+ 1000 yen including tax)

Special pasta enjoying truffle

Please choose your favorite main dish

■ Today's fish dish ■

· Italian fi nucchiette and saffron's sauce fennel and orange insert

· Iberico pig grill Kamo eggplant and scamorza cheese oven baked Refall sauce

Iberico swine burning moistly with a refreshing flavor of horseradish sauce

· Roast beef potato and scamorza cheese with Torantino ego mustard sauce (+ 300 yen including tax)

Sauteed roast beef with a delicious meaty eggma mustard sauce

· Kuroge Wagyu Beef thigh meal Tariata Shuna prear (+ 1000 yen including tax)

Serve fragrantly grilled Kuroge Wagyu beef with seasonal vegetable sauce

■ Dolce ■

■ Cafe ■

You can choose your favorite cafe

Espresso · Coffee · Cappuccino ·

Ice coffee · tea · iced tea ·

Fresh herb tea

※ When using anniversary etc. Please let me put a message in the dessert.

※ If you have any allergies or weak food ingredients, please tell us when making your reservation.

Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the day 15 of the desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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