<Lunch> Popular appetizers Assorted as pastry and pasta and main ★ Prefix course 3500 yen
<Lunch> Popular appetizers Assorted as pastry and pasta and main ★ Prefix course 3500 yen
3500 yen

There is also a 2,300 yen course with tax / no main

We will send you the contents of 【Appetizer and Bagna cauda + pasta + main dish + cafe】.

~ Appetizer and Bagna cauda salad ~
· Assorted appetizer of today that enjoys Shunbun
· Bagna cauda of seasonal vegetables and zucchini

~ Pasta ~
Please choose your favorite pasta from the following

· Spaghetti grilled chicken scissors and Sudachi's Arlio Orio
· Conchily squid and paprika, Trapani-style tomato sauce of almonds
· Meze Penne lamb thigh and edamame, rosemary simmered sauce
· Today's pasta with seasonal vegetables as the leading role
Cold spaghetti with marinade of fish fish and sauce of eggplant tomato shaved ice (+ 800 yen including tax)
· Tariatelle carefully selected flat eggs from Mie Prefecture and Carbonara (+ 1,000 yen including tax) of truffle
※ Depending on the arrival status.Please ask the staff.

~ Main ~
Please choose your favorite main from the following
· Today's fish's vaporeg pangsos saffron sauce
· Grilled beef pork shoulder loin Caponata and balsamic
· Roast beef of beef loin and soya milk with Torta ego mustard sauce (+ 300 yen including tax)
· Kuroge Wagyu beef thigh tariata leaf flavor (+ 1000 yen including tax)

Dolce ~
· Soi tiramisu using flat-breed eggs and Ise tea from Mie prefecture (tax included + 500 yen)
· Accent of Gelato Vincott of Torta of the fig and Pandepis (tax included + 500 yen)

~ Cafe after dinner ~
· You can choose your favorite cafe.
... Espresso · Coffee · Cappuccino · Ice Coffee ·
Tea, iced tea, fresh herbal tea