【All you can drink 120 minutes】 Premium plan 6000 yen
【All you can drink 120 minutes】 Premium plan 6000 yen
6000 yen

Monday to Thursday Award Summer Truffle !! Please see 【Mon ~ Tree Limited】 for details !!

Popular party plan! Pasta uses the seasonal ingredients to make the best of the day! Main dish is fish dishes and special roast beef! In addition, appetizers assorted, Bunya Cauda salad of Shuna, dessert, café luxurious plan All you can drink free drinks and sparkling wines!

■ Assorted appetizer with seasonal vegetables

■ salad
· Bagna cauda salad with carefully selected vegetables
... With garlic not used, we enjoy it with a special sauce made with puffed vegetables

■ pasta
· Spaghetti Grilled chicken scissors and Sudachi aurorio

■ fish cuisine
· Today's fish's vaporeg pangsos saffron sauce

■ meat dishes
· Roasted beef with egg loin meat sauce ego mustard sauce

■ Dolce
- Today's Dolce

■ After-meal cafe

☆ We will prepare according to your request
【Award 1】 Celebration message plate
【Benefit 2】 Can arrange flowers