【Dinner】 Limited chef leave course 6500 yen ★ Sommelier careful selection wine course 3500 yen
【Dinner】 Limited chef leave course 6500 yen ★ Sommelier careful selection wine course 3500 yen
3500 yen

【Dinner】 Limited chef's course is a wine course tailored to 6500 yen

We will serve three kinds of wine, aperitif, red, white according to your dish.【Dinner】 Please enjoy the marriage with the limited-time chef course of 6500 yen.


Three kinds of wine, aperitif, red, white

We will serve it according to your dish.


Ferghettina Brut / Ferghettina Brut

Elegant and fine bubbles using grapes cultivated in-house

Taste like moose.

A wonderful sparkling wine filled with many sticks.

Champagne system.


Cantina Offforda Pecolino / Cantina Offida Pecorino

A characteristic scent reminiscent of ripe peaches inviting meals born from the local grapes.

Balanced and sustainable taste.

Best partner with southern Italian seafood dishes.


Wesevo Vene Ventano Arianico / Vesevo Beneventano Aglianico

There is a smell which it seems to approach, it has a smell, acid and smooth astringent and it is thick.

The taste like nuts and the taste of sweet grapes complement cooking comfortably.


"Mariage Point"


Italy is long in the east and west like Japan, and there are various local cuisines.

Our dish is an idea based on Italian regional cuisine making full use of Japanese delicacies.

So, considering the wine to be combined based on the local wine of the dish, we value the local production of local wine.

I think that you can feel Italian wind if you eat dishes and include wine.

Also, we value the seasons, and during the cold season we combine winter ingredients, especially wine from northern Italy

For warmer months, we often choose refreshing wines from southern Italy.