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【Winter party 150 minutes unlimited dinner】 3 kinds of appetizers, Bagna cauda, fresh crab pasta, main, 5 desserts in total

【Winter party 150 minutes unlimited dinner】 3 kinds of appetizers, Bagna cauda, fresh crab pasta, main, 5 desserts in total

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  • 2-20persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    30 or more drinks ★ LO 30 min ago

3 kinds of colored appetizers, Bagna cauda of seasonal vegetables, pasta of Zwai crab, oven baked in Kagoshima tea pork, all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat, full cooked with dolce, rich drink including sparkling wine 150 minutes drink It is all you can do.It is a fine space and you can enjoy it with authentic Italian cuisine making use of the seasonal ingredients.Please come and enjoy party plans making use of winter ingredients and ingredients, everyone at the New Year's party and winter party.

Course menu

~ Appetizer ~

· Seasonal ingredients and ingredients, three kinds of appetizers packed with vegetables

~ Salad ~

· Seasonal vegetables and ginger-flavored shrine shrine burna cauda

Special Bagna cauda sauce that you can taste with Kokugakuin Kabura and ginger flavor.One dish to enjoy the seasonal vegetables

... We recommend you not to use garlic, but a special sauce made with puffed vegetables

~ Pasta ~ (Please choose from 2 species)

· Spaghetti with rice crab and garland chrysanthemum sauce with Amekaeine flavored pangsio

... with seasonal crabs and bittersweet chrysanthemum oil sauce, savory roasted bread crumbs accented

~ Main ~

· Kagoshima-made tea millet pork loat oven baked dried persimmon's pliers and roasted walnuts

... accompanied with persimmon sauce boiled rich in oven baked pork meat that made mustard work

~ Dolce ~

... Today's Dolce

According to your request,

We also offer benefits such as message plate and arrange flowers


Guide to your seat


<12 guests> table sofa seat

<12 guests> Table seat

<4 people> table seat

<Maximum 18 people> Table sofa seat

All-you-can-drink menu

·sparkling wine
·sparkling wine
· Heartland beer
· Sommelier selected wines
· Sommelier selected Italian wine (white · red)
· 12 cocktails
· ◇ gin tonic ◇ cassis orange ◇ cassis soda ◇ vodka tonic ◇ moscommeure ◇ pink bulldog ◇ campari orange ◇ campari soda ◇ fuzzy group ◇ ditatonic ◇ dita orange ◇ spumoni ※ other than menu is also available
· 12 non-alcoholic cocktails
· ◇ Non Alcohol Mojito ◇ Kitty ◇ Sicilian Mimosa ◇ Saratoga Cooler ◇ Orange & Peach ◇ Peach Tea ◇ Peach Tonic ◇ Cassistie ◇ Passion Fruit Soda ◇ Cassis Orange ◇ Cassis Soda ◇ Cassis Pink Grapefruit
·Soft drink
· ◇ orange juice ◇ oolong tea ◇ pink grapefruit juice
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Until 15 o'clock on the desired date of visit
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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